Making life better for business owners, leaders and teams is what I do best and enjoy most.

Making life better for business owners, leaders and teams is what I do best and enjoy most.

As a business owner or a leader, what keeps you awake at night?

Worried about the mortgage, your relationships or where the next piece of business is coming from?

Fearful about losing a client? Concerned about your team? Unclear about the future?

Perhaps you’re feeling uneasy, anxious, or that you’re not in control.

If you’re asking yourself ‘does it have to be this way?’, perhaps now’s a good time to have a chat.

I make life better for business owners and teams by listening, asking, challenging, supporting and truth-telling. That’s what makes the big difference to the people and organisations I work with.

I do it because someone else did those things for me whilst I was running my business. In doing so, my friend Alan Mullett transformed every aspect of my business and my personal life.

With what he taught me, I transformed my stumbling lifestyle business into a growing, respected, award-winning agency with global brands on the client list, a high-achieving, happy team - and one fulfilled owner who finally found his purpose!

Such was the impact that I wanted to make that same difference for other businesses and that’s why I left the agency and why I do what I do today.

To be part of the transformation in others is incredibly satisfying and immensely humbling. And I absolutely love it.

'The effect Hems had on my business cannot be underestimated. His influence instilled life, emotion and compassion and totally re-invented the way I approach the product and my business as a whole. His honesty, and ability to ‘say it like it is’ makes him the perfect person to talk to. He is one of those individuals that would run a mile to get you an inch.’

Matthew Jones
Director of Sports Nutrition

Why me?

I know exactly what it’s like to have dreams and ambitions, and how it feels to start, nurture and grow a business.

I’ve experienced the good times when it felt like we could take on the world and win, which sometimes we did!

I’ve also been to the dark side, experienced sleepless nights, angst about the mortgage, fear about where the next contract would come from and the guilt of not focusing enough on family and friendships.

I lost sight of the dream I had when I first started the business. I began to lose control and perspective. That initial buzz and excitement gave way to niggles, doubts, dissatisfaction and restlessness, a loss of confidence and even strained personal relationships.

Had it not been for my mentor, I may never have understood that although I was making a living, I wasn’t really making a life.

Without his input wouldn’t have had the perspective to understand why I was frustrated and feeling a lack of fulfilment, why I was spending so much time at night awake, anxious and starting each dayfeeling ill at ease and why something didn’t feel quite right.

‘I have learnt so much from Hems, not only about team building and working relationships but also about myself. I have witnessed a big change in our small team which as well as making us a more efficient business has also brought the team closer together. He has taken the team to another level. Being involved with Hems has hugely benefitted the business in a relatively short space of time and has made it a much happier and more positive place to work. I have learnt things I will use daily for the rest of my life.’

Steve Gardner
Art Graphics/Sonic Signs

Does any of this feel familiar?

Would you like a conversation and have someone really listen to what you have to say? Then get in touch.  It could be the conversation that changes everything.