‘Hems has a unique ability to connect with and understand people; driven by a genuine passion for helping others succeed. By drawing on a vast amount of experience in the business world, Hems can relate your current situation to the twisting journey of life and help you plan the next best move. He is not just interested in what you may be doing – but crucially – why you are doing it. His warming approach has already inspired positive changes in various areas of my life. It’s always a real pleasure to spend time with Hems – afterwards I feel more positive, energised and re-aligned within my direction.’

Alex Staniforth
Speaker and Adventurer

'The effect Hems had on my business cannot be underestimated. His influence instilled life, emotion and compassion and totally re-invented the way I approach the product and my business as a whole. His ethos of adding ‘value’ rings so true. The care, thought, and attention he pays to each task you present him with is commendable. His honesty, and ability to ‘say it like it is’ makes him the perfect person to talk to. He is one of those individuals that would run a mile to get you an inch.’

Matthew Jones
Director of Sports Nutrition

‘Hems epitomises integrity and is one of those rare individuals who’s passionate about helping others. He strives to add value at every point of contact and make a positive difference to individuals and companies alike and believes in having fun while doing so. In his life and his work he’s values driven and believes that you should treat everyone with dignity and respect at all times, regardless of any differences.

He believes that successful people (and organisations) are more interested in trust, openness and candour than they are in politics and positioning. The company he led for 27 years, de Winter PR, was different to most other PR companies. Its core ideology was founded on placing the creation of long-term client wealth above short-term fee generation…….  I would recommend Hems to any organisation that is seeking to match its external promise to its internal reality and in doing so outperform their sector.’

Alan Mullett
Commercial Director, Energy Innovation Centre

‘Hems has been a superb help to me through support as a business mentor from very early on in the growth of my business. Always positive but continually challenging, he’s provided a wealth of experience and a sound head to bounce thoughts, ideas and worries off.  Without agenda, or forcing a particular direction, Hems makes me look at situations from a different perspective, enabling me to move forward and concentrate on the important issues. I’ve always come away from our sessions with a positive outlook.’

David George, Founder and CEO, Bikmo

‘I have learnt so much from Hems, not only about team building and working relationships but also about myself. I have witnessed a big change in our small team which as well as making us a more efficient business has also brought the team closer together. He has taken the team to another level. Being involved with Hems has hugely benefitted the business in a relatively short space of time and has made it a much happier and more positive place to work. I have learnt things I will use daily for the rest of my life.’

Steve Gardner, Art Graphics/Sonic Signs

'Hems has a real knack of understanding a brief, he gets 'under the skin' of the organisations he works with, and brings their best attributes to the forefront of any campaign he plans. He is also one of the most pleasant people its been my privilege to have met in 25 years of business.' 

Nick Hodson, Business Consultant

'Hems has a fantastic business mind. He has made a significant impression on our business with his ideas and motivation. He has bonded our team and taken it to another level.’

Jake Gardner, Art Graphics/Sonic Signs