How better briefing can help teams avoid costly errors

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I’ve been working with a few awesome agency leaders and their equally awesome teams in the last few weeks and one common theme has been a recurring inconsistency in the performance of some team members.

For some leaders, the default position is to instantly blame the team member for making mistakes or simply not delivering.

That can’t be right. We lead, we manage and that means it’s down to us to carry the ultimate responsibility for performance and outcomes – good and bad.

We’re the people who create the culture, the processes and the environment within our businesses. That means we have to take total ownership of any gaps or flaws that enable poor performance to occur.

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Five top tips to help make it a Happy New Year for you and for your agency…

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How did you feel when you walked back into your agency after the Christmas break?

Did you look forward to opening the door on the first day back?

Was there a sense of excitement? Did your team feel the same way? Were they enthusiastic and full of ideas?

Did you sit down at your desk with total clarity around where the agency is going and what you want to achieve for it in the next twelve months? And do you know what you want to achieve for yourself in that time?

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